What We Do

From customer acquisition, to product sourcing and fulfillment, Unified manages the retail e-Commerce Ecosystem from A to Z. The components to Unified’s e-Commerce success include:

Our E-Commerce Ecosystem is our Expertise

Proprietary Technology Platform

Developed and launched in 2015, Unified’s in-house technology platform effectively tracks, manages and optimizes campaign profitability.

Active Customer Database

Millions of up-to-date and responsive contacts allow for robust and tactical re-marketing campaigns and successful new product launches.

Customer Acquisition

Strategic customer acquisition through targeted affiliate marketing and specific sales funnels.

Risk Mitigation

Technology and a team dedicated to fraud prevention, chargeback mitigation and refund rate optimization.

Supply Chain Management

Sourcing and supplying 100% natural high-quality, lab tested products delivered on time.

Customer Service

Hands-on customer service to provide consumers with top-level quality care along with optimizing the brands retention rate.


Complete management of all technical operations that drive customer acquisition campaigns, including both front-end and back-end development.

Data Analysis

Through data, the business optimizes all key performance indicators required in a e-Commerce business, including but not limited to, conversion rates, retention rates and lifetime value of customers.